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Dubai, UAE — May 21, 2023. XEROTECH, a Dubai-based tech firm with a research and development arm, CRAFT Systems in Islamabad, Pakistan, proudly introduces its latest creation – the Alena Intelligent Avatar (AIA). This AI-driven, immersive, and game-ready entity offers real-time interaction and personalized content generation. Building on the success of OpenAI’s GPT-4, AIA takes AI interaction to new, unprecedented levels.

Bringing AI to Life with AIA

The Alena Intelligent Avatar integrates advanced speech-to-text, text-to-speech, natural language processing, and facial animation technologies into a comprehensive system. Its human-like emotional intelligence, expressions, and communication capabilities make it an engaging and interactive virtual companion. For the first time, users can now communicate with AI like having a video chat with a real person, assigning tasks or receiving advice, and even conduct video conferences with one or more AIA and real humans.

Versatility at its Best

AIA can serve roles as diverse as a CEO, personal assistant, specialized field expert, virtual therapist, fitness coach, and more. It can even manage websites, social media accounts, financial services, and interact with the physical world through robotics. This virtual avatar is not just a tool, but an invaluable resource across various sectors such as healthcare, education, legal services, and more.

Introducing Virtual Immortality

With the user’s permission, AIA can learn and emulate personal traits, responses, reactions, and preferences. In the event of the user’s death, the AI avatar can virtually act on behalf of the user, comforting loved ones in the absence of the user. This unique “Virtual Immortality” feature ensures the user’s essence is preserved, allowing AIA to interact with loved ones in a manner reminiscent of the user’s own unique qualities.

Experience the Future Now

The YouTube demo showcases AIA’s potential and the diverse range of applications possible with this cutting-edge technology. You are invited to experience it firsthand here or here.


XEROTECH is a leading AI technology company, pioneering the next wave of AI innovation. With a focus on AI, IoT, Blockchain, Metaverse, and XR, XEROTECH is revolutionizing human-digital interactions. With several patents pending, XEROTECH is poised to take the world by storm.

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