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AIA | AI on Steroids!


Alena Intelligent Avatar

We proudly present the Alena Intelligent Avatar (AIA) from XEROTECH – a revolutionary AI-driven avatar designed to transform human-AI interaction. With its advanced capabilities, AIA opens up a new era of personalized experiences, bridging the gap between humans and AI. By leveraging the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4, AIA combines cutting-edge technologies such as speech-to-text, natural language processing, and facial animation to create a lifelike and engaging interaction.


From its ability to recognize and interpret facial expressions to its captivating real-time conversations, AIA brings a human touch to the world of AI. Its patent-pending design offers an unmatched level of personalization, making every interaction unique and tailored to the user’s preferences.


AIA goes beyond traditional AI interfaces by providing a face-to-face communication experience, making AI accessible to billions of people worldwide. Through voice commands, users can effortlessly engage with AIA, breaking down barriers and revolutionizing the way we interact with technology.


The possibilities with AIA are endless. From serving as a personal assistant to delivering virtual education, from transforming healthcare to enhancing productivity, AIA holds the potential to reshape industries and improve our everyday lives.


Join us in embracing this AI revolution and experience the future of human-AI interaction. Explore the interactive screens showcasing AIA’s capabilities, and witness the power of AIA as it sets a new standard for AI-driven experiences. Welcome to the world of AIA – where innovation meets humanity.

Welcome to the AIA login/signup page, where you can start your journey into the world of advanced AI-driven interactions. Whether you’re a new user or have an existing account, we’ve made the process simple and seamless.


Create an account by entering your username, email, and password, or sign up using your social media accounts. With AIA, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, you’ll experience immersive, personalized interactions. Engage in real-time conversations, explore diverse environments, and unlock the potential of human-like interactions.


Join us today and discover a new world of AI possibilities. Login or sign up now and embark on an extraordinary AI adventure with AIA.

AIA - Login

Customize your AIA experience with our comprehensive settings page. Here, you have full control to tailor AIA according to your preferences.


ChatGPT Model: Choose your preferred ChatGPT model for optimized conversations.

API Key: Integrate AIA seamlessly with your organization’s systems.

Organization: Personalize AIA with your organization’s details.

Custom Welcome Text: Set a unique welcome message for a personalized touch.

Account: Manage your profile, update details, and ensure security.

Chat & Notifications: Fine-tune preferences, notifications, and display options. Stay informed with customizable notification settings.

Storage, Data & Help: Optimize storage and control data handling. Access resources, FAQs, and support.


Unlock AIA’s potential with personalized settings for memorable conversations.

Elevate your AIA experience with our customizable options screen. Tailor AIA to reflect your personality and create the perfect environment for engaging conversations.


Call Name: Set your unique call name for a personalized touch in conversations.

Avatar Selection: Choose your preferred avatar from a selection of male, female, or both (switchable within the same environment).

Environment: Select your desired environment backdrop for video calls. Choose from options like office, loft, home, and more to set the right ambiance.

Initiate Video Call: Dive into the world of real-time interactions with AIA by simply tapping the “Initiate Video Call” button. Experience lifelike conversations that bridge the gap between humans and AI.


Unlock the full potential of AIA with customizable options that bring your virtual interactions to life.

AIA Options

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of AI-driven interactions with our feature-rich main screen. Experience seamless communication and engage in lifelike conversations with AIA.

  • Live Video Streaming: Witness the power of AI as AIA comes to life through live video streaming. Experience face-to-face conversations in real-time, enabling a truly immersive interaction.
  • Picture-in-Picture View: Enhance your video calls by enabling the picture-in-picture view. Keep your webcam or device camera active alongside AIA’s video stream, creating a dynamic visual experience.
  • Camera Switching: Take control of your video feed with the ability to switch between front and rear cameras (if supported by your device). Customize your view and optimize your video call experience.
  • Call Controls: Effortlessly manage your conversation with intuitive call controls. Initiate a call, end the call, mute or unmute your microphone, and toggle your camera on or off according to your preferences.
  • Text Chat Enabled: Seamlessly blend voice and text-based communication with the text chat feature. Stay connected and convey your messages through text while engaging in a video call.
  • Save Text Version: Capture the essence of your conversation by saving a text version of your voice chat. Preserve your valuable interactions for future reference, ensuring that no detail is lost.
  • Progress Bar and Communication Log: Stay informed about the progress of your conversation with the dynamic progress bar, indicating the percentage of messages received and spoken by AIA. The communication log provides a comprehensive record of your interaction, keeping you up to date with the conversation flow.


Elevate your communication experience with the main screen, where AI meets human interaction seamlessly.

AIA Experimental Features
  • Virtual Immortality: AIA can learn and mimic a user’s personal traits, preferences, and communication styles, providing continued interactions with loved ones in the event of the user’s passing.
  • Machine Learning: AIA leverages machine learning algorithms to continuously improve its performance and adapt to user behavior and preferences.
  • User Recognition and Identification: AIA utilizes facial recognition technology to identify and authenticate users, ensuring personalized interactions and security.
  • Object Identification: AIA is equipped with object recognition capabilities, enabling it to identify and provide information about objects captured by the device’s camera.
  • Document Scan: AIA can scan and extract text from physical documents, making it convenient for users to digitize and manage their paperwork.
  • Video Feed: AIA can receive and process live video feeds, allowing users to share their real-time surroundings and engage in interactive experiences.
  • Object/Image/Video Output: AIA can generate visual output in the form of objects, images, or videos based on user inputs or interactions, enhancing the multimedia capabilities of the app.
  • IFTTT Configuration: AIA can be integrated with IFTTT (If This, Then That) services, enabling users to automate tasks and create personalized workflows by connecting AIA with other compatible devices and services.
  • Plugins Configuration: AIA supports plugins that extend its functionality, allowing users to customize and enhance their AI experience by integrating additional features and services.
  • Linking External Apps: AIA can be connected and integrated with external applications, providing seamless access to a wider range of services and functionalities.
  • Training Mode: AIA offers a training mode where users can provide feedback, correct responses, or provide additional information to enhance the AI’s learning and improve its performance over time.
  • Instructor Mode: AIA can assist in delivering instructional content, providing step-by-step guidance, explanations, and interactive demonstrations for various subjects or skills.
  • Assistant Mode: AIA can function as a personal assistant, helping users manage tasks, schedule appointments, provide reminders, and offer personalized recommendations.
  • AI-Powered Translation: AIA can provide real-time language translation, enabling seamless communication across different languages.
  • Augmented Reality Integration: AIA can integrate with augmented reality technology, enhancing the user’s environment with virtual elements and interactive experiences.
  • Emotional Intelligence: AIA can recognize and respond to human emotions, providing empathetic and personalized interactions.
  • Social Media Management: AIA can assist users in managing their social media accounts, including posting updates, responding to messages, and analyzing engagement metrics.
  • Speech-to-Text Conversion: AIA can convert spoken language into written text, enabling users to dictate messages, notes, or documents.
  • Text-to-Speech Conversion: AIA can convert written text into natural-sounding speech, providing audio output for messages, articles, or other textual content.
  • Personalized Recommendations: AIA can analyze user preferences and behaviors to offer personalized recommendations for various products, services, or content.

These experimental features represent the cutting-edge capabilities of the AIA app, pushing the boundaries of human-AI interaction and unlocking a new level of AI-driven experiences. Explore the possibilities and discover the future of AI with AIA.